California Bungalow Project In Bruce – Preston


Time taken to complete:

12 Months


Space m2:

2x 301m2


Project cost:


California Style Bungalow in Preston – 1st Project

This first project for a developer was an amazing project to work on builder Preston. The second California bungalow Preston project has been referred to us by another carpenter and builder who had completed previous projects. We took the opportunity to hone our skills for the proliferating developers market.

As we had been engaged as carpenters at the time, and the developer knew we were looking to become registered builders, this was the beginning of the collaborative working relationship in California bungalow Preston.

At this point having come in after the design had been finalised and the majority of selections had been completed, our role in the works involved scheduling and delivering on the physical works on site and ensuring quality control measures were in place.

California Bungalow Preston – The Perfect Finishes Of Our 1st Project

The finishes on the California bungalow project in Preston, from the floors to the ceilings, were always top of mind, and working with the developers we all managed to put some systems and processes in place to ensure the finish was as expected.

The outcomes desired by the developers were for a high level finish with maximum sale price, which was achieved at auction, and expressions of interest for more projects similar.

This has led to the developers being able to purchase more property to achieve new and exciting opportunities for wealth promotion.

Bruce Bungalow work
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