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Cost Blow Outs Cost More Than Cash

Building your new home can be a time of worry and frustration. You need a team of experts listening to you and understanding exactly what you want. You need reassurance that everything is tracking, as it should. You need recognition of your time constraints and a clear process for when you must be involved and when you can simply sit back and relax because it is all in hand. You want the building journey to create beautiful memories that you can carry into your new home.

Working with the team at New Realm Homes can make this all come true.

Custom Home Builders In Classical Vintage Style

A life in a classically designed vintage home is about contentment and peace, sharing proudly with friends and colleagues, and a low stress life for your family. If you aspire to this future, our team can make it happen for you.

No Nasty Surprises

New Realm Homes Empire System for design and building, ensures that you can relax and enjoy the journey, confident that we have listened and heard what you want and that there will be no nasty surprises in your building experience.

Time Is Precious

Busy people are often the best at fitting things into their schedule. The New Realm Homes Empire System for design and building provides scheduling for everyone, allowing you to plan for and book in the time for your direct involvement. You will know upfront how much time you will have to devote to the project and when.

Do you know what to ask?

Do you know what to ask your prospective builder? Get access to our free brochures before you walk into that room.

Our Vision

To take you on an exciting and rewarding journey that delivers your own personal custom built classically designed vintage home and lifestyle, without fuss or concern.

Why Choose Us

Your home is all about you. It reflects your likes and wants. It reflects your style and lifestyle. It reflects your vision for your future.
A custom built home allows your vision to flourish so you can design exactly what you want and, be assured of getting it.

A classically styled vintage home has the feel, look, lifestyle, joie de vivre and unique elegance seen in places like Long Island and Martha's Vineyard, USA; Brighton and Bath, UK. New Realm Homes are renowned vintage specialists that offer this and so much more to your custom home build, creating fond memories for a lifetime.

Happy Clients

The New Realm Homes Empire System offers you protection from all those building horror stories that abound and the things that go wrong on other build projects. Everything from first conversation to handing you the keys to your front door is covered so that the journey to your new home is a happy one.

Homes That Are Loved

Your new home is yours because you have explained exactly what you want. The design and build deliver your own personal vision for your future home and life. You have received photos and videos, and been on site to watch your dream grow. By the time it’s finished you love it because it is your dream come true.

One Stop Shop

Busy people need to plan their time carefully. When you need to be present to make decisions about features or other issues, the New Realm Homes Empire System guarantees this time is used to cover as many decisions as possible at the one time. Wherever choices or contracts can be managed electronically, this will be used to limit the imposition on your time.

Meet Hugh Maastricht

When we started our business we wanted to have all of our customers love our work and have lots of super happy customers. We built and ran our business the best way we knew at the time, which was the same as all of the other builders around us.

After a while, even though all of our builds were of the highest quality, we didn’t always have a super happy customer.

Then… we figured out that it wasn’t good enough just to build a quality product, the customer experience throughout the project needed to be top notch as well, because if it wasn’t, the final product ended up being a constant reminder of the painful building experience. We then figured out it was the way we ran our business, (which was the same way most other builders ran their business) that was the cause of the poor customer experience. So over time we created a step by step process we take all of our prospective customers through, to ensure we give both ourselves and our customer the best chance possible to enjoy the building process and deliver.

To get started and get really clear on what you want for your project, download our 3 simple steps guide now.

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